What Scent Brings You To Paradise?

After a long day of work, aren’t you looking forward to laying down and closing your eyes? If so, how about lighting a “Glade” candle while your at it? “Glade” would love for their viewers to escape in their wondrous scents, bringing you into relaxation.

Advertisements want to grab the attention of their viewers, and the need to escape is a successful way to grab it. “Our big, beautiful new candle turns a spark of emotion into something you can feel all over.” “Glade” wants their viewers to be able to feel like they can be relaxed whenever they light one of their candles. The way they created the ad with the colors, framing, and slogan give off a wanting to escape.

The advertisement for “Glade” in “People” magazine, starts out right in the middle, where the viewer’s eyes will start, with a big head of a smiling female. The framing of a female head pops out to women, who are the target audience. The framing of the head is very effective because it provides a story. The story tells the viewers that she is thinking about a relaxing night in her kind of paradise, a paradise underneath the stars, around a fire in the woods. Now that sounds like a relaxing escape needing for many adults. Because of the story provided, it lets the viewers know that the scent of a “Glade” candle can “spark” some type of emotion and take them to their soothing getaway. Another soothing factor of this ad are the cool colors. “Glade” chose dark colors to provide the perfect escape feel for the viewers and give off a calm feel, seeking out the want to relax and escape. The colors give off a calm vibe, which is what “Glade” advertisers were shooting for.

Overall, I think this ad did a great job grabbing the attention of their viewers, but if can change one thing, I would change the placement of their logo. The eyes of a viewer start in the middle of an ad, typically where a face is and ends in the right corner where the product logo should be shown off.

This ad applies to the need of escape because the picture shows soothing colors and the framing shows us the want to escape. “Glade” provides many great ways proving its appeal is the need to escape. A secondary appeal may be aesthetic sensation. The picture is very neat and the cool colors are soothing which draws the viewers in. The two appeals the ad used did a great job attracting readers, which may persuade its viewers to buy their product.