She was a girl who said she had no future

She was a girl that had given up.

But what she didn’t know, was that the Man over had a bigger plan for her. He had a path laid out just for her, and all she had to do was walk through the tunnel and reach the starting line.

All she had to do was put all of her faith in Him, because she did not know, but He did.

She could not see a future, but He had everything lined up for her;

Goals she thought were never able to reach and dreams she never thought she would have.

She was a girl who had given up on life and had lost all sight of what could be.

But through faith, she struggled and she tried tried again. She kept moving even after the set backs and she kept her eyes on happiness. She kept her eyes on loving herself, believing in herself, and understanding herself.

And now… Nothing can stop her.

With faith and strength, she succeeded and continues to succeed. She is no longer hindered by the past, but thrives in the present.

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