Your flaws make you hirable and desirable.

In an instant age of curated authenticity, it is easy to reject natural flaws or to package them in such pleasing facades that we are too distracted to contemplate their existence. Not that I am immune to the visually pleasing aesthetics of a perfectly proportioned picture; there is reason as to why we are drawn to beauty and perfection. It’s innate, in our emotional DNA. The problem is not in these photos themselves but in the selective presentation of only these photos.

Why should you care? Because when we are no longer deceiving ourselves we recognize just how flawed we are. We begin to have compassion for others and grace for ourselves. We feel less like the only ones with this problem or that issue. We start to understand that each one of us frequently deal with the same internal struggles despite how widely our circumstances may vary.

So we all have flaws, duh. But who here thinks these flaws define them? That failure makes you flawed? It’s certainly something that cycles through my mind, replaying events of should and could haves. Failure could be perceived as evidence of flaws but circumstances should not define who you are. I have flaws, but I am not my flaws. Who I am is revealed in how I respond to failure. This is where my character exists (or doesn’t) and is built. This is really the only way we build strength of character. It is the place where we learn how to succeed. That principle that ‘fire refines gold’ applies here well. The fire of repeated failure will refine you, define you, or destroy you. You choose.

Why does failure make you more desirable? Because those that have struggled through failure are those with the tools to approach it in the future. Businesses struggle through failure regularly- is part of life, personal, professional and otherwise. So hire those flawed people, where the gold is not quite shiny (but at least it’s not just gold-plated) because they might be the ones best equipped to bring your organization into new spaces.

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