APRIL Campaign to inspire: #knowyourwhy

Friends, Mentors, and Colleague youth around the globe, I lately got inspired by a social media post done by Jonathan Abdul-shereef in March around the hashtag ‪#‎knowyourwhy‬.

Challenged by his piece, I decided to use this same hashtag as my theme for this month; tweeting and writing FB posts to inspire other young souls. But again, I just realised that it will create better impact if we all share the stories that really keep us focused towards our goals. Every month, we’ll have a different theme which anyone of the storytellers might suggest, but all centered around motivating youth and paving the way for youth mentorship. Time to get it started!

This month of April, we’ll go with #knowyourwhy hashtag and anyone who feels inspired to share personal stories or thoughts to motivate others can post it on facebook and kindly tag me and others that you think can get it across.

APRIL = #knowyourwhy Let’s get started!

Join the #knowyourwhy campain. Post a life-changing experience to inspire other young minds.
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