Following the true Passion… Speed Lans

Using my father (Lansana Sheriff — a popular Sierra Leonean) as a role model, I grew up believing that having passion for what one does makes all the difference.
Years back, I was in the Sciences to further my studies to become a medical doctor because we used to think that the medical profession is the only prolific career in the sciences; we were getting it completely wrong. I lost those thoughts when I realised my love for machines and its underlying infrastructures. As years passed, I loved my hands more in vehicle’s burn oil, engines, and under-carriers rather than in gloves of medics. I am so happy where I’ve found myself because I chose the path that I knew would make me happy, irrespective of what society thinks or says (that I know never affects me).

Today I’m a success on the mere fact that I find joy in doing the job I do as an engineering guru. Because I’ve been through the brunt of society’s limiting powers and made my way out, I see the need to share my story and practical life experience to others which can be a source of motivation to myself and others. ALHAMDULILAH!


Behind society’s thought is an Engineer Ing. Speed Lans
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