Unconditional Permission to Eat

You can eat.

You can eat because you’re hungry.

You can eat mashed potatoes because you want to, even if it’s not Thanksgiving.

You can eat even if it’s 3:00PM.

You can eat when you’re hungry late at night.

You can have a cupcake even if you feel like you didn’t do anything to deserve it.

You can eat when you don’t exercise.

You can eat that even if you have nothing to celebrate.

You can eat that even when you’re not sad.

You can eat even if the scale hasn’t budged. (Ditch that thing though!)

You can eat today regardless of what happened yesterday.

You can eat more if you’re still hungry, even if she doesn’t.

You can eat even if you need new clothes.

You can eat that just because you love how it tastes.

You can eat that because you enjoy how it makes you feel in your body.

You don’t have to eat a salad on the date if you actually want a burger.

You can eat even when the scale has budged. (Haven’t you gotten rid of that thing yet?)

You have unconditional permission to eat.

How do you give yourself unconditional permission to eat? How do you feel like you place conditions on your eating?

(Image from Unsplash.)

Originally published at www.breatheandnourish.com.