Are you ready to breath?

The way from your nostrils to your lungs is very long. Let it be. Extend it.


Realise all your cells carrying oxygen. Let your body carry your burden through your veins. Enlighten all your cells. Burn your blood, smash, depart: Reborn.


As if you are tasting the air for the first time: Cry to laugh after all...

We have a long way ahead. So breath now before the change.

They say: “everything is gonna be better.” It is free to say: “don’t worry.”

But worry! Worry about your very own existence.

We are going to start from the beginning of beginning. We are going to start even before you born. We are going to talk about sky, gods and breath…

You will read stories which doesn’t belong you but you will find yourself in all.

With each story you will be more you, more completed.

Restructure, rearrange, restrain, reload: Breath so deep that start living.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.