Tech Savvy Trends: Fashioning the Future

electroloom by joel joe licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

At the vanguard of the fashion design industry is the pursuit of the next big ‘trend’…

As a small business owner of the fashion label Lousy Rich, I myself am constantly on the prowl for tech-savvy trends and new fashion forms. With that notion in mind, the industry itself has been on the cusp of many major changes, from industrial knitting to laser-cut clothing, there are a plethora of notable ventures in the ‘space’ of changing the fashion game. Some inspiring brands that are making their mark in the fashion world are Kniterate and Bolt Threads. They are so crazy cool that we don’t want to spoil all the fashion fun…so go check them out and don’t forget to come back and tell us what your fashion ‘insider scoop’ is! Now back to our conversation about 3D fashion design trends…

One stellar company that we just have to mention is…

Electroloom. A forward thinking company who has since lost investment, but creativity has no limits and let us tell you they are finding new ways to deal with something as trivial as money. Do not forget to check out Medium blogger Marcus Foley and his awesome insights about recent grants and funding for the Electroloom. Currently at Alternative, the original designer of the famous Electroloom, Aaron Rowley flipped the fashion script a few years back by creating the world’s first personal 3d printer for clothes (Fleischmann, 2015). That just blows our mind and we want to know what you think of this tech savvy invention? We envisioned it would first be marketed as an autonomous robot who scanned and re-printed our clothing.

Robot by Sascha Pohflepp licensed under CC BY 2.0

Although no cyborg is going to take our measurements just yet, the fact that ready-to-wear desktop sized printers are in prototype and soon in production, enabling us to design and print at a moments whim. Imagine the possibilities if not the accessibility! Well, to be honest we find that a Lousy Rich way of living.

“Inspired by 3D printers and the ‘maker movement’, with the aim of accessible design, Electroloom technologies gives the ability to manufacture clothing designs from scratch”, says (Maniago, 2014). We say that is a fantastic fashion forward advancement in technology! From fast fashion to avante-garde this special tech item has the power to create and design garments, all from your desk-top or table…with no sewing. Mind Blown! With over a decade of sewing under our fashionable belts, the idea of a seamless garment sans a sewing machine is not quite fathomable, just yet. I’m sure we will adjust easily upon our first experience with said machine. Here we are talking about it like its at the corner store on special mark-down. Wishful thinking, but not likely this year anyways.

What are our final fashion thoughts…here goes nothing!

In closing, we can’t help but be fascinated with the rapid advancements in 3D printed fabrics and design technologies. Where do you see the future of fashion in 10 years from now? With design challenges like Dematerialization do you believe full 3D garments are fashion’s future or just a fad?

Fashion exists to push boundaries. If it can not be done, go DO IT…looks like that’s exactly what anyone and everyone will one day soon be able to do, right from the comforts of their own home, or car, bench, table, porch, bathroom…OK you get the point! Accessible 3D printers are now realistically in the near future!

Have a ‘Lousy Rich’ Kind of day!