Who runs the world? Girls!!

October 22, 2015 9:00pm- 12:00am: When it comes to Greek Literature I am learning how to understand the concepts but it is so hard for me to remember how to spell all the characters names. I could write a whole paper on the characters but when asked to spell their names I draw a blank. The questions that I get wrong on the quizzes are mostly because of spelling. My last quiz was absolutely horrible! I was determined to do a lot better on this quiz as well as future quizzes. I stayed up all night studying for Thursday’s quiz. I have never been more ready to tackle Greek Literature.
October 23, 2015 2:00pm-3:30pm: I have never been so frustrated in my life!! After staying up all night studying for the quiz my car decides it doesn’t want to turn on when it was time for me to go to class. I just recently started a job that requires be to drive a lot and I guess my car does not agree. I had to pay for an oil change and a tune up before my car would turn back on. I knew I would do well on the quiz so me missing it really made me mad!
October 24, 2015 4:00pm- 5:30pm: I don’t believe in crying over spilled milk or stressing over things I cannot change. I decided instead of stressing over missing a quiz ill just get a 100 on the next one so that quiz can be dropped. I started reading book 6. I really like Nausikaa. She has a good heart and really likes Odysseus but doesn’t take advantage of him like Calypso. She is attracted to Odysseus and desires to be with him just like Calypso but she wants to marry a man like him not just use him as a sex slave.
October 25, 2015 8:00pm- 10:00pm: What I noticed is that Penelope and Nausikaa are very crafty women. Penelope uses her wits to trick the suitors. She weaves a cloth during the day and takes the cloth apart at night. I know women in that time didn’t really have that much say but she is very smart and commanding. Nausikaa made Odysseus hide in the garden until she was able to smooth things over with the Queen. She knew that if the Queen had seen Odysseus before she was able to kiss up to her she would have never accepted Odysseus.
October 26, 2015 7:30pm-9:30pm: I don’t think the King of the Phaeacians is a good leader at all. The Queen makes all of the rules and her opinion is the final factor in all decisions. The King is only there as kind of a place holder. The queen rules the Phaeacians which proves that women rule the world! The Phaeacians are not heroic because they are not warriors and they are bad archers. They cannot fight and would never go into war, because again they cannot fight.
October 27, 2015 10am- 12:30pm: I believe Odysseus decided to tell history because the Phaeacians were starting to wonder why talking about the Trojan War made him cry. Odysseus was honored that the Phaeacians knew so much about him. I think he figured it would only be fair to let the Phaeacians know what happened to the man they knew so much about once the Trojan War ended. I think Odysseus just wanted to be a really good host. I think all the people Odysseus meets are civilized because they all greet him and give him great hospitality. He not banished or treated bad by any of the people he encounters on his way home.