Facebook is not on Mars
Geoff Pilkington

New at this, I mean this to be a response to Bir’s response.

I agree, a culture of trivial bullshit abounds, but I also think that one of the things we are currently focused on, namely who our President will be, could have a dramatic impact on whether or not a quest for Mars can be fulfilled. If the leaders of countries that currently have, or can soon develop nuclear weapons capability, for whatever reason employ those weapons, we can probably forget about getting to Mars. So our choice of a new President is not, in my mind, a trivial matter. (I do think we are focusing on too much bullshit regarding this choice & not on issues that are important, but all that’s available is what we’re fed.)

What I took from your response is that the future of humanity is at stake & all many of us seem to care about is the aforementioned trivial bullshit.

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