This isn’t the 1870s, buddy.

1870s, huh? To imply, by your first sentence, that finding jobs and quality, affordable housing by immigrants is a problem relegated to the past is not only inaccurate, but willfully ignorant.

“A homeless guy in NYC in the 1980s was better off than an average working Russian at the same time.”

Obviously, you’ve no experience with homeless people of any era.

Further, I’m not pushing a Marxist agenda. I’m pushing an anarchist agenda. Both government and capitalism establish illegitimate hierarchies that impoverish the many for the benefit of the few.

“Also, capitalism allows you to actually change your lot if you work hard enough.”

If that were true, I and millions of other people would be in a much better position than we currently are:

“But the study did find that moving up that ladder is still a lot more difficult in the U.S. than in other developed countries.” …

So, what was that about lies?

For two decades, the ability of people to improve their circumstances has stagnated. That is across the board and irrespective of personal choices.

Lastly, we were speaking solely about capitalism versus communism as economic systems. Rights or lack thereof is irrelevant.

Again, communism and capitalism are equally destructive. Communist dictators torture and murder people. Capitalism is just passive about it. But it still kills because corporations put profits above people.

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