Let’s Kill Til It’s Dead The Myth That Mom’s Salary Pays For Childcare
Ester Bloom

Fantastic piece!

Something that’s always baffled me is the vehement proposition that daycare/childcare is never going to be as good as a child’s parents.

First, by that logic, all children should be homeschooled because no teacher is going to know their child’s learning style like their parents do.

Second, it presents a logical fallacy that childcare is either the province of parents or caregivers.

It’s not an either/or situation. The worst of the “rugged individualist” ethic of US citizens is the notion that kids are the sole responsibility of their parents.

Yes, they are the primary caretakers. But there is also extended family, teachers, coaches, family friends, schoolmate’s parents, etc.

They all add care, education, principles, leadership, and inspiration.

Not to mention, they will never take the place of parents, nor do they want to.

During my childhood, I had people looking out for me even when I didn’t know it. Until I was a teenager, I thought my mom had supernatural powers because she would talk to me about stuff I did when I was out and about — sometimes things I hadn’t told her about yet. I didn’t see anyone I knew and I knew she was elsewhere.

She knew because friends, neighbors, coworkers, pastors, etc. would see me and “report” back to her.

I couldn’t get away with anything, haha!

She did the same thing for other parents. Also, I was in daycare/had an afterschool sitter until I was 11 years old. I felt like they were just an extension of my family.

I support universal pre-K and I don’t have kids. I don’t plan on having them. But I agree 100% that if we all benefit from well-reared children, we should pitch in to make sure it happens.

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