I’m 43 and just finished 2 Bachelor’s degrees. I agree 100% with you.
Breck Murray

First, why do you assume that college students don’t have jobs and apartments?

Second, exactly how do dorms put off learning self-sufficiency? For example, there are no parents to ensure chores are done or make introductions to roommates and dorm-mates. How is that different from “real life?”

Greek organizations have requirements for membership, and members who don’t meet them are expelled from the organization. How is that different from getting fired for not meeting requirements in a job, other than the paycheck?

College isn’t harder than real life? So, you have reports and presentations to do every other day and every week, in addition to hundreds of pages of reading or a grade-dependent project? Do you have to do the majority of your work at home? Do you have to find your own space for group projects? Speaking of which, do you have an established company limit — in writing — on how many days you can be absent before you’re demoted and eventually fired? Do you have to balance all of this with family time and personal time?

I’m a grown woman who’s been working since she was 15. I’ve got a sizable base of comparison. Yes, college is harder.

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