Much Ado About “Mansplaining”
Cathy Young

Once again, ya’ll make me put on my Lefty A**hole hat:

How nice of you to be a white knight for those poor, put-upon men!!

Problem is, from this quote, you demonstrate you have no idea what mansplaining means.

“Of course, as a number of people pointed out in response to Max Landis’s tweet, there was absolutely no evidence that Stanley knew he was talking to the costume designer, or that his response to her had anything to do with her gender.”

Stanley continued to assert he was right, even after she corrected him the first time. Nor did he ask where she got her information from.

That is quintessential mansplaining. It occurs when men continue to speak as an authority on a subject, even after a woman has demonstrated she has more authority on said subject.

For example, in spite of the fact that I have a degree in film and video production, and worked on film sets and post-production in LA for about 14 years, I still had one guy try to tell me how to produce a movie.

He had not produced a single film, nor did he work in the industry. He didn’t even know anyone in the business except for me, whom he had just met.

And that’s just one incident.

I never continue to act as an authority in a discussion when it’s demonstrated to me that the other party knows more. Yet, men do it all the time.

But don’t take my word for it:

Examples straight from those crazy lefty sources, and /snark

And she wasn’t wrong about the influences. Getting the release dates of the film mixed up doesn’t negate her expertise as the woman who designed the costume.

Nice attempt at tone policing, but she gets to respond any way she wants. I got loud with faux-producer man because he didn’t stop even after I told him. Dismissal is irritating.

This entire piece is splitting hairs just to rail against your beloved Straw Feminist™ again.

So, snowflakes, stop whining and maybe next time you listen when a woman tells you she knows more about a subject than you?

I promise it won’t hurt. And you’ll probably get a chance to show your expertise because she won’t walk away disgusted.