You are right.
Sean Neville

While I respect your position, I do think you either missed or mis-read Son of Baldwin’s post.

He puts his opinion in its proper historical context. Essentially, he argues that people of color are still enslaved, it’s just moved into the arena of emotional and intellectual labor.

He’s saying that while POC continue to “go high,” they will continue to be part of our national dysfunctional relationship. Abusive white supremacy (by which I mean the systemic privileging of white people over POC) will continue to beat them down, and white privilege deniers will continue to dismiss people of color’s systematic disenfranchisement.

People of color are continually discriminated against in all areas of society, which has been proven through sociological study after sociological study. Yet, white people still expect POC to do the heavy lifting of explaining their own oppression.

They still disbelieve when a black or brown person says something is racist. They still think they can use the n-word since they are somewhat woke — I’m looking at you, Bill Maher. They still don’t understand that it’s racist and rude to ask if they can touch a black woman’s hair.

Son of Baldwin is exhausted and angry — like most POC with whom I hear and speak. They are supposed to sacrifice more for people who, however unintentionally, undermine their humanity daily? He’s saying “not any more.” Sometimes it takes an extreme position or statement to get one’s point across.

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