$BREED Supply Emission Update — November 2023

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3 min readDec 6, 2023


The BreederDAO ecosystem is underpinned by $BREED, an ERC-20 token functioning as the anchor for the BreederDAO project and ecosystem. The token was launched in April of 2022 with a max supply of 1,000,000,000 $BREED tokens which will be in full circulation within five (5) years from TGE, and are strategically allocated amongst investors, team, community, and furthering the BreederDAO ecosystem.

*This graph shows the actual vesting schedule of the $BREED token. This does not equate to the circulating supply at a certain point in time. Reconciliation between the circulating supply and the supply emission schedule shall be provided in the transparency reports published to the community.*

The graph above shows the actual vesting schedule of the $BREED token. Looking closer at the graph, by November of 2023, 49% of the $BREED’s max supply has already been vested, which includes 111M $BREED vested to investors and advisors, 125M $BREED vested in treasury, and 215M $BREED vested in EDF.

Supply Emission Breakdown

As of writing, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap reflect a circulating supply of ~86M $BREED. BreederDAO has maintained utmost transparency to our community by releasing a reconciliation (please see table 1 for the sample) every quarter on the difference between our supply emissions and circulating supply — differences of which include tokens not in the market. These tokens have been supposedly vested per category based on the actual schedule or supply emission schedule but are not in the market nor are actively traded; and thus, cannot affect the price and valuation of the token.

Table 1 Supply Emission Breakdown

The 71.84M $BREED include tokens staked and are subject to a time-lock, as well as reward tokens consequently subject to a vesting schedule, and are meant to incentivize our most loyal holders and active participants in the DAO governance.

The 70.91M $BREED categorized as vested but unclaimed tokens are allocated tokens to investors and advisors of which majority have been gradually vesting since August of 2022 but remained to be transferred by investors to their custody. As of writing, ~111M $BREED tokens have been vested to investors and advisors, of which 94% or $104M $BREED remained to be held by them. Out of the $104M $BREED, 70.91M $BREED remained to be unclaimed but they have access to anytime; and the rest are already in their custody. To date, majority of our investors, including our lead investors a16z, Delphi Digital, YGG, and IVC, still hold 100% of their vested tokens.

The rest of the tokens not in the market are $BREED tokens in our EDF and Treasury which we are conservative on given that we have a strong non-$BREED treasury to optimize and we do not expect any need to utilize and put into circulation to support the operations, unless otherwise dictated by the DAO.

As BreederDAO’s projects and investments further gain traction, expect that we will implement initiatives focused on ramping up and incentivising current and future token holders. And since we put accountability and transparency to our DAO at the forefront, we are taking steps to provide updates to the community on internal treasury and improved transparency on token metrics.

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