BreederDAO Forms Partnerships with 300+ Gaming Guilds

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3 min readApr 16, 2022

BreederDAO is proud to announce that we have now formed official partnerships with over 300 unique gaming guilds in the blockchain space. Our team continues to remain focused on connecting with our community and others in the blockchain gaming space, and partnering with gaming guilds provides BreederDAO with another key line of access to gamers so we can better understand their needs and goals.

Gaming Guilds: A Short History

Although the P2E blockchain gaming space has seen a surge in gaming guilds as of late, gaming guilds have actually been around for a long time. Quite commonly, gamers struggle to find peers and friends with whom they can relate in their immediate environments. Thus, like-minded gamers often congregate with others that share interests and goals in online communities called gaming guilds.

On one hand, gaming guilds serve as open, international home bases and social hubs where gamers can interact, share ideas, and express themselves, and connect on common interests. But in addition to their social component, gaming guilds often act as communal spaces where competitive gamers can form groups, teams, or alliances, strategize collectively, pool resources, and explore other synergies in order to achieve greater levels of success in specific gaming environments. As tends to be the case in both the real world and the virtual domain alike, gamers often find that they are stronger when working together than when fending for themselves alone.

Just as in the traditional online gaming space, gaming guilds have taken on a life of their own and have formed in great numbers around blockchain-based gaming. With more on the line than ever in the P2E space, gamers are especially motivated to pool resources, assets, and experience to edge out the competition and win not only for glory and honor, but for the earnings that make the P2E landscape so enticing.

The Role of Gaming Guilds at BreederDAO

For BreederDAO, servicing the needs of gamers throughout the P2E space means connecting with, understanding, and supporting those gamers. As blockchain ecosystems all revolve around and are ultimately supported by their communities, BreederDAO is not only partnering with blockchain games, but is focused on taking a community-first approach to improving gaming at its source. By partnering with gaming guilds, BreederDAO gets access and opportunities to better understand the demands, preferences, and desires of blockchain gaming’s leading competitors, and receives crucial insights on how to better provide services to our clients in the P2E space.

BreederDAO’s Partnerships with Gaming Guilds

BreederDAO has already formed official partnerships with 300+ unique gaming guilds in the blockchain gaming space. In addition to forming partnerships with a number of different niche gaming guilds and others which are at early stages in their development, BreederDAO is partnered with some of the biggest names in the space, including:

YGG Japan
Unix Gaming
Astra Guild
Good Games Guild
Earn Guild
Ready Player DAO
Crypto Gaming United
Balthazar NFT Gaming
Quest Gamers
OLA Guild
Impact Realm
Jambo Guild Africa
Troy Guild
Cosmic Guild
LCA Gaming Guild
AMG Guild
Babymoon Gaming House
Real Deal Guild
Crimson Guild
Team Satoshi

As BreederDAO continues to support and learn from our gaming guild partners, we are also hard at work networking, building new relationships, and exploring new partnerships and synergies across the P2E space and beyond.

To stay in the know and up to date with the latest developments in the BreederDAO ecosystem as we form and announce new partnerships, make sure to keep checking our socials for new developments.

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