BreederDAO Treasury Report — Key Highlights (As of November 2023)

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4 min readDec 6, 2023


I. Overview of Total Treasury

BreederDAO’s financial health remains robust as of the end of November 2023. Our total treasury, encompassing investments and operational funds, stands at $21.5 million. This includes a liquid digital asset and fiat treasury valued at $14.7 million, NFT holdings that have amounted to $1.2 million, and token holdings valued at $4.7 million. With these in place, coupled with our efficient management of resources and spend, our runway currently extends to a notable six years, underscoring our long-term stability and resilience amidst fluctuating and changing market conditions in the past 25 months since BreederDAO’s start.

II. NFT and Token Holdings

NFT Holdings

Majority of our NFT holdings stem from significant strategic investments in trailblazing projects in the gaming sector, such as Azra Games, My Pet Hooligan, and most recently, Overworld. We’re also heavily invested in collections of partner projects that we strongly believe in, such as Digidaigaku, Parallel, ZTX, and Wildcard.

Token Holdings

The majority of these tokens are sourced from strategic collaborations with My Pet Hooligan, IQ Protocol, Oasys, Shrapnel, Blocklords, Pulsar, and Parallel. These tokens are not mere financial assets; they are stakes in enterprises that are redefining the blockchain gaming and metaverse spaces.

These holdings represent a significant part of our investment strategy and commitment to the evolving blockchain gaming and metaverse space. These are not just investments; they are partnerships with projects that have established a formidable presence in the gaming universe. Our investment philosophy is driven by a firm belief in their vision and capability to redefine and innovate in the gaming landscape. We seek out projects who have the capability to redefine and innovate the gaming landscape, as well as high potential projects whose game loop allow BreederDAO to do what we do best — actively participate in the asset economies of these games.

Our portfolio’s composition is reflective of our strong conviction in the impending surge in the blockchain gaming and metaverse sectors and the capabilities of these projects to lead the charge. This also ultimately ensures that BreederDAO continues to strengthen its capabilities to be a key contributor to the shaping of this dynamic industry.

III. Revenue and Resource Optimization

Revenue Highlights

BreederDAO has generated a strong topline revenue of $6.43 million since inception, primarily driven by core breeding operations in partnership with games like Crabada, Pegaxy, and Axie. Despite market downturns, our 1H 2022 performance was remarkable, a testament to our team’s proficiency and strategic execution.

While core breeding opportunities within gaming faced a slowdown due to the challenging market conditions, BreederDAO’s vision and core thesis remain rooted in digital asset creation and value generation, with our efforts geared towards continuous innovation and product development to remain at the forefront of the ever-changing landscape of the space. This allows us to build strong foundations for boosting performance in the succeeding quarters and years and equip us to execute on long-term strategies and emerging opportunities.

Resource Optimization and Investment

Our average monthly burn rate for YTD 2023 is $270,000. This spend is strategically allocated towards tech infrastructure, marketing initiatives, PR strategy, and the development of new products like AI Skins, Playcore, and Creatorverse. These new products that will continue to establish BreederDAO’s foothold as digital asset powerhouse creation and distribution hub within the gaming and metaverse space and further enhance BREED’s utility.

We also emphasize efficient operational processes and resource optimization, focusing on technology utilization, detailed budgeting for effective but cost-efficient public relations and partnership-building, as well as a roadmap for team growth. These measures not only optimize resources but also enhance team morale and reduce turnover costs.

IV. BREED Token Circulation and Investor’s Holding Ratio

Total Circulating Supply: The market currently has 86.24M BREED tokens. For a more comprehensive breakdown of the circulating supply, refer to this article.

Investor’s Holding Ratio (IHR): A remarkable 94% of Investors’ BREED tokens that are vested are presently still held by investors.

BreederDAO is uniquely positioned for future growth, backed by strategic investments and a strong financial reserve. Our focus on continued innovation and market adaptability, coupled with a robust treasury, sets us on a course for continued progress in the space.

Gnosis Safe Addresses

You may view our liquid digital asset treasury through our treasury wallets below. Note that these safes do not contain our investments. We will release more info regarding the wallets containing our investments soon.








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