internecine — fluently/fluidly (second revision)

words pour forth as though from the mouth of an atom bomb
and my eyes are too dry for any sort of rainfall you were looking for 
those times were fast and fleeting but you spoke in my ear
murmuring/murdering my wants and needs of the physical you
the you emotion/devotion I hoped would come in time

looks like we ran out and slammed doors in pale faces
reciprocal as our tall skinny bodies iron-pressed and hot
I tried/vied for being so far apart that the only thing left was to come together
walking with honest steps/wecrept/lept towards each other
and you never took your hands off of my body

hissing/kissing your lips parted and all toothpicks aside
cigarettes down/around sitting side by your side 
then you brought your face near mine
with my head turned wrongly

up and walking/talking along a no man’s path he hath yet to create
stuck as stone I stared up into your eyes while
you came
closer once again (my face correct for I was immobile)
and you touched your lips against mine
and that is when we let it continue

and you kissed me hello not goodbye

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