10 mistakes that almost all of the bride

10 mistakes that almost all of the bride. Wedding organization — not an easy task for the bride, and error-free is not enough. But some of them can be easily avoided if you follow our advice!

1. Immediately spend all the savings

Of course, the first time faced with wedding proposals, want all at once. But if you do not want will soon be a mass of unpaid bills, wedding expenses all have to control.


Like a dress, but it costs a little more than you had planned? Do not deny yourself in the purchase, simply cut the cost of something else. And do not miss our article “How to stay within the wedding budget”.

10 mistakes that almost all of the bride

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2. Immediately sign contracts

Even if you are satisfied, do not immediately sign contracts with contractors. For a start they need to carefully examine and discuss those items that you do not understand.


Give yourself time to think, to consider other options, the decision was accurate, and then you no doubt. Do not take a decision on emotions, write out the pros and cons of working with a contractor or a platform, and if there will be many disadvantages, think again. And do not let anyone rush yourself.

3. Too much time to spend on the Internet

Be prepared that in the process of organizing a wedding you will have to organize a lot of information, see the set of filming and thematic blogs. But it does not consume you; otherwise the process can be endless!


Limit the hours spent on the Internet, and allow more time to the real solution to the problems. Focuses on what you see their wedding, rather than what it was at the other.

4. The desire to create the perfect wedding

Your wedding — an event of which you dreamed, even as a little girl, and your desire to make this day a magical clear. But the reality is that you have already grown up and know that the perfect wedding does not happen.


Even if you try to cover all possible force majeure, it is still something that can go wrong. Pre-configure itself to a relaxed attitude to any problems. And, of course, relieve you of extra experience will always help a wedding organizer.

10 mistakes that almost all of the bride

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5. Do not attach importance to the hash tag

In order not to wait for pictures from a professional a few months, and the next day to see the coolest shots taken by your guests, use the hash tag wedding. + This is a way to keep the main stages of preparation for your holiday. After a time, it will be interesting to collect all the materials and see how it all began. And what came of it!

6. Hung up on tradition

Do not go on about the relatives who insist that “so it is accepted.” It’s your wedding, and you have the right to do it the way you want it.

7. Do not think about saving

You cannot imagine how many options offer you the scope of wedding services during training. Certainly in the process you will want a lot more than originally planned, but that is no reason to increase the budget and take the credit.


There are many effective ways to stay within budget. For example, think about buying a wedding dress online or lease jewelry. See our article with tips on the subject — certainly some of them will help you out during the training.

10 mistakes that almost all of the bride

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8. Tighten the preparation

Once you got engaged, you’ll want to enjoy this moment, to celebrate it, and only then start planning. But to correctly distribute the time that the last months have not turned into a nightmare before the wedding.


After the announcement of your engagement, you can start to view related sites and blogs. This allows you to decide on your wedding style and piece together the ideas that would later help contractors understand what format seems most suitable to you.

9. Play Tips

During the training you will hear a lot of the instructions given, tips and tricks, and they are often contradictory. You will have to learn how to respond to them and listen to yourself first.


Nobody forbids you to listen to the advice, but taking the final decision, based only on the opinion. Especially when it comes to key moments: wedding style, number of guests, the venue. And how skillfully and tactfully respond to unsolicited advice, read our article.

10. Forget about the main thing!

You’ve been dreaming about this day, but when it came, you were so engrossed in the decision of organizational issues that all missed.


If your budget does not allow hiring a wedding planner, use the services of a wedding coordinator. Let the wedding day he solves all the organizational issues and force majeure situation. You distract from all the problems and enjoy this full day, because you have been preparing for it!

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