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The Last Stand and The Last Stand 2 are by far my favorite time-wasters on the Internet. Whenever I’m running a virus scan or otherwise need to fill a couple of useless minutes, these two mindless zombie-blasting Flash games are where I spend my time. What follows is a brief strategy guide to help you make it through The Last Stand. I’ll post a follow-up for The Last Stand 2 shortly.

Quick Summary

Your goal in The Last Stand is to survive 20 days until a rescue party arrives, all the while the zombie hordes become both stronger and more numerous. During the day you are given 12 points to spread across base repair, searching for weapons, and searching for survivors. These activities greatly affect your survival at night when the zombies attack.


Having your screen setup correctly can make or break a round of The Last Stand. It’s a game of speed and mouse precision, and if you play the game within a small Flash control within a web page you will quickly find your cursor outside the bounds of the game, where your clicks will have no effect on the zombie hordes.

I prefer to open the Flash SWF file directly, though I’m not entirely sure if Armor Games is cool with me doing so. In addition I like to put my browser in full-screen mode. In most browsers you can switch to full-screen mode by pressing F-11 (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome tested).

Point Spending

In The Last Stand the activity that will most improve your odds of survival is searching for survivors. Once you have six survivors, start focusing on searching for weapons. Fix your barricade before it gets below 20% strength, but with enough survivors and the right weapons your barricade will take very little damage.

Weapon Selection

Weapons in The Last Stand, with the exception of the chainsaw, can be categorized under single-shot bolt-action rifles, handguns, automatic weapons, and shotguns. Avoid the inclination to use the shotgun. The shotgun is powerful but inaccurate, and slow to reload. By the time you reload the shotgun your barricade will most likely be overrun.

Prefer precision over power. The Barret .50 caliber rifle is by far the best weapon in the game, but you’ll likely not acquire it until day 17 or later. Up to that point the hunting rifle is my choice of weapon. It’s incredibly precise, powerful enough to take down most zombies with a single head shot, and acceptably quick to reload.

Next up are the automatic weapons including the AK-47, M4-A, Uzi, and UMP 40. These weapons hold a lot of ammunition and reload very quickly. They don’t do a lot of damage, but if you can focus your aim on head shots they perform well.

Though it may seem odd, the shotgun and sawed-off shotgun aren’t particularly good weapons in this games. Both are powerful, but inaccurate and incredibly slow to reload. I suggest you don’t bother.

Next are the two handguns: the .357 and the nameless 9mm that you start with. I actually prefer to stick to either of these guns until I get the hunting rifle. The .357 will take out just about anything with 2 headshots, which means you can take out 3 zombies before requiring a reload, making it an excellent choice until you find one of the higher-power automatic weapons or the hunting rifle.

Finally, let’s discuss the chainsaw. The chainsaw is a fine backup, but don’t depend on it. If you strategy is solid, the situations in which you require the chainsaw to save you from impending doom should be few and far between. But it is fun. Make the chainsaw your backup.

From best to worst, here is my weapon rating.

Barret .50 caliber rifle
Hunting Rifle
.357 Magnum
9mm Handgun
Sawed-Off Shotgun


Keep your character high on the screen and aim down. If your shot misses the target it stands a much better chance of hitting something when you’re aiming down-screen instead of up. Always shoot for the head unless a zombie is wearing a helmet (this pretty much just applies to soldiers). If a zombie is wearing a helmet shoot for the legs. Otherwise go for head shots.

Bug Alert! If you notice that your clicking has no affect, pause the game and resume by pressing escape twice. You may or may not have this problem, but I run into it every couple of games.

Choosing Targets

With enough survivors to assist you, you should be able to focus your shots on the most imminent threat. For example, a zombie already at your barrier is obviously more of a threat than one further back the screen. Shoot for the most dangerous zombie first. Below is my zombie threat analysis, from most to least dangerous:

Fat Zombie At the barricade
Zombie At the barricade
Dog At the barricade

Fat Zombie Running toward the barricade
Zombie Running Toward the Barricade
Dog Running Toward Barricade

Fat Zombie Jogging Toward the Barricade
Zombie Jogging Toward the Barricade

Fat Zombie Walking Toward the Barricade
Zombie Walking Toward the Barricade


By following the above advice, The Last Stand is a pretty beatable game. Focus your points first on finding survivors and second on strapping up with better weapons. Shoot to protect your barrier. That is, take out the most dangerous threats first and aim with intent. Good luck, Zombie Hunters!

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