I don't always know what to say

Sometimes I just want to say your name

No I don't wanna play no games

Unless you wanna play some card games

Sometimes I start feeling left out

When all your friends are hanging around

When we say goodbye at night

I already wanna see you the next day

Sometimes all I want to do is talk to you

Even when you don't want me to

When you're mad at me

No, I don't want you to be mad at me

When you're not here

I wish you were

Where did you go

Don't go

Saw you as I walked by

Wanted to wave

Wanted to say goodbye

I stuttered

I stumbled

I stopped

Being able to feel a little bit awkward

A little bit uneasy

A little bit more out of sorts

I stutter

I stumble

I stop

The colors drain out of the day

Black and white is beautiful but boring

The trees walk away

Time ticks on my worried wrist

Home today

But home doesn't feel like here

If I'm missing

Where have I gone