The blockchain technology and artificial intelligence will change the real estate market.

Real estate deals are usually tedious and time-consuming, and most of the effort is related to the lack of digital and technological solutions.

Advertisment of objects and sales themselves are still performed in the same way as 40–50 years back, with real estate agents, adware services and transactions that are almost not digitized, while other industries are globalized and democratic. This means that there are still old-fashioned structures which would charge extra both sellers and buyers.Odna of the companies that has noticed these problems and is trying to adress them using blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies — BREM (Blockchain real estate market).

An intellectual real estate aggregator and transaction service that seeks to create a platform on which buyers and sellers can interract with real estate globally with little to no traditional barriers.

The BREM platform, founded by a team of professionals from real estate area, IT and Neurotechnology, is designed to make real estate data more available to people around the world. Work on the project is in progress and a prototype of the platform will be launched in November.

BREM creates a system that will allow buyers and sellers to register real estate and make transactions with real estate without unnecessary commissions and extensive bureaucratic obstacles.

Our team uses the term Neuro-agent instead of the concept of Artificial Intelligence within the framework of this project. It became the basis of the project’s business model, it performs a set of functions ensuring optimal choice upon request of customers in the context of global information flows.

Nowadays, an individual or even an analytical department is not able to cope with the analysis of global arrays of industrial data. Each human-agent has only limited knowledge of available options. And here, neural networks and algorithms come to rescue.

At the same time, it is quite natural that the final decision is up to a person, the platform’s client.

At the same time, business has an excellent opportunity to optimize processes and reduce costs associated with the human factor. When making transactions in real estate, reliability of information regarding objects, accuracy when working with documents, providing information on time is crucial as well as absence of human errors to the highest degree possible at all stages.

I would like to mention some of the possibilities of NeuroAgent:

NeuroAgent serves as an optimal service for quality control, safety and analytics. It processes large databases, providing profound information for management and operational reporting.

The block of advertising and marketing management will allow to “clean out the base” of real estate advertisements, it will filter the data provided by sellers, publishing ads only about real apartments, ensuring the reliability of objects, and also building scenarios for promotion of ads.

Intelligent CRM and Neurobot will allow you to communicate with customers in round the clock mode, communicating with them not by templates and prepared scenarios, but at the level of profound understanding of requests, needs and problems. Truly helping clients to find a suitable solution for them, offering the most convenient options and consulting on various issues (legal, financial, constructional).

An investment analyst will help you to choose the best time for buying property (examining more than 50 indicators). It will provide predictions regarding benefits of buying a house / apartment, renting and selling it after a certain number of years.

We have outlined only a few features and advantages of the NeuroAgent that have significant advantages within current market practice.

And most importantly, implication of such technologies saves time and money.

Last but not least is target audience of the project. Many technological start-ups often target digital currencies community, the segment of investors and users of the IT environment, BREM is directed straight to the real sector — real estate and all participants within this market (developers, real estate agents, sellers and buyers — private individuals). Anyone who builds, invests in real estate, resolves his housing issues, acquires an office for a company, etc.

Julia Sergeeva, CEO of the BREM project, stated:

“We strive to ensure that our interface and ecosystem of the portal are so intuitive and simple that any user could comprehend it. The main goal of the new service is to shorten time of sale of real estate for sellers and to shorten decision making time for potential buyers. The feedback we received at real estate conferences was very positive. The market is ready for these changes. “

Together, we will change the future in real estate.