The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad
James Allworth

James, I just read your article through the eyes of ordinary 62 y/o Canadian woman. Albeit interesting when I came to the end of the article, and I was reading your bio I noticed that you once worked at Apple. Is this correct? Could that have influence your perspective in any way?

Don’t get wrong here, I agree that the government’s focus on allowing itself to infringe on private citizens right to privacy by finding a back door into their cell phones is most sincerely incorrect.

At the same time, maybe if the government was more focused on tightening the rules on gun ownership, as it does on wanting access to ones private phone tragedies such as San Bernadino could have been avoided.

Like seriously over 316,000 deaths via guns on the homeland!!

Even though I realize that your country holds dear to its right for every citizen of the USA to bare arms, but isn’t that # somewhat of a wake-up call?

Or, since this age that we live in is in thinks that big numbers speak louder so maybe once the toll is over what? 1 million? 1 billion? How many will it take….Maybe soon they will be installing guns into cell phones who knows?????

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