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Although extremely discouraged and disappointed, i never gave up after years keep what once started and that seemed like a pipe dream. On the back of my mind i knew that to earn a living and to achieve should be dramatically improve the organic search engine results and my seo. So through hard work and persistent effort, managed and refining all those small business local seo techniques and secrets that will share with you in this guide. I spent years of testing, tests and mistakes to manage and would like to share all these giannis divramis s eo google first page para m k e tin g. Gr. Internet takes the form as which we know today. Nowadays the internet is not under the effective administration or a person, or an organization. Yet they must be someone responsible, the who determine issues such as nomenclature, addresses and architecture, as well as to reassure the proper functioning and development of the internet. Among these makers is the professional seo services internet society, a nonprofit organization to exchange information via the internet on a global scale, which takes the final decisions on technical issues. But examples of such controllers is the internet activities board researchiab research, internet assigned board iab, wc.

Because of high growth of the network, since, arpa had created (a corresponding charge) the iccb (internet configuration control board) to control its development. Accordingly, we conclude that the development of the was rapid and led to what we know today as internet. Can itself ceased to exist, but the spread his successor continued and continues around the world at an impressive rate. Basic internet services the most important internet services in chronological order are:transfer files (file transfer protocol ftp) which ensures the reliable sending and receiving data transmitted. Detects transmission errors installing possible re transmission which will correct automatically damaged information packets. The computer featuring ftp client application just connect to server (server) can perform a plurality of processes such as uploading files (upload) to server, downloading files (download) from the server, rename or delete files from the server. Electronic mail (email), which provides the user the possibility of creating, sending, receiving and storage messages. Note that messages may contain information in various forms. An electronic letter can besides text to include pictures, sounds, animations images, an application and attachments. Forum (newsgroup), which operates as a noticeboard.

Unlike email that is published in a newsgroup can read everyone who desires but to take part in the discussion must register as a member in this group. Conversation (chat) which when first introduced was exclusively with text messages in real time but now including oral conversation. World wide web is the network of interconnected global computer networks and the which uses a specific set of communication protocols, known as and provides the user the ability to seek to copy, store and print information. Based on so called hyperlinks, which may be a picture, video, sound, among the pages of a site or external sites. At this point it must note the difference between internet and world wide web. The web as we saw an internet service and not something synonymous with the definition the internet, but they are directly related to each other. Chapter: search engines as already mentioned in the previous chapter the internet is a huge and unmanageable amounts of information and data which makes it painful mr lengthy process these search and discovery. Therefore, the grown so called search engines. Search engine set the search engine or search service is an professional seo services application designed to help find information stored in a computer system such as the world wide web, or a corporate or private network, or even a personal computer. Usually the term refers to search engine web camera search which along with social networking sites are most popular internet websites because of support offer to find information.

It is an application software that creates a database with information from the internet and allows the user to access to the search and retrieval of information by typing some keywords on the subject is looking. Historical overview search engine instudents peter, alan and bill from mcgill university in montreal created the first machine search the so called archie who was a program load up directory listings of all the files, which were stored on anonymous ftp sites on a specific network computers.