Anti-Blackness is racism, at least as defined by the Anti Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law…
David A. Chase

David, and I don’t mean this as an attack on you, just I hope a bit of education. It sounds like a typical white male response, one devoid of the everyday, multi-layered micro and macro aggressions black folks endure. And yes, this discussion is very valid in that when folks want to group the discussion around racism, you would think that NBPOC would have more empathy for BPOC given the racism or micro aggressions they endure. While it makes sense that unless white folks really work at it, it would be easier for them to float through life intellectualizing this whole conversation given that they are rarely on anything close to the receiving end that POC of all kinds are. But what blows the minds of BPOC is how NBPOC lose their empathy when it comes to us, especially since many of the freedoms they enjoy are a direct benefit of the hard work and historic suffering of BPOC. But again, perhaps from your perspective, this whole conversation may be Greek to you. My recommendation in this case is that you be willing to listen and not whitemanspain, and perhaps learn.