Unevenly giving out discipline. In a 2018 article, Vox reported black students are four times more likely to be disciplined — by suspension or referral to law enforcement — than students of any other race. It didn’t matter the type of suspension. It didn’t matter the type of school — traditional, charter, magnet. Black students still lead the way in disciplines.
Idaho teachers dress up as Trump’s wall, and the outrage… and excuses begin
Lecia Michelle 📃

This is one of the worst ways racism plays out in the classroom. It closes doors that the child will later be blamed on for either not attempting to enter, or being too inferior to enter. It is one of the most blatant ways white teachers exert control over a black student’s future, that of his or her family and their neighborhoods. It’s academic, social and financial (which leads to health) redlining — it cuts off the bootstraps of those that should be able to have them later in life to pull themselves up by. It keeps in place the image white society has of those it uses it on by exerting their influence to maintain that status quo. Until we understand this better AND care, this damage will continue.