I pledge to help harness the passion that you and your supporters unleashed to empower progressives
Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead
David Brock

Step away! We’re not letting you anywhere near the reins of our progressive renaissance in the Democratic party. You and your un-American, un-democratic, corrupt, COINTELPRO activites drained the life blood out of the Democratic party and gave us Trump.

When you and your minions destroyed Bernie’s chances in the primary and made a mockery of the democratic convention, I DEMexited on the spot. It was heartbreaking. I have been a lifelong Democrat, and it really hurt to be forced out of my party because I could not stand the stench of the corrupt antithesis of Democracy that it had become. Last week I DEMentered so I could vote in the ADEM elections, and thanks to Bernie Sanders supporters’ passion, progressive Berniecrats took every seat in my very affluent county. I am proud to say that affluence doesn’t automatically make people oligarchians like you. And it certainly doesn’t make them corrupt opportunists, as you are. We are on our way up and we don’t need your help.

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