It’s a drought stricken January,the sun is scorching hot throughout the country. Alas! Everyone is bellyaching about the hard times yet it was all merry before it hit them that the holidays are days of yore. While it all seemed to last a year,the month of love, though the Roman Catholic are thinking of the purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary came to its rescue.

Seasons come and go,thus I cant stand the thought of being lonely all over again. An unsolved puzzle feels completely flawed to me, as if I need to go out of my way to find all the other pieces.My conventional cure is to find a friend.It couldn't be any better time to assemble the squad.

At times we always want to be part of a squad,but we do not know what it takes to be accepted as a member. It’s never something to puzzle about. Having the same interests as individuals,coming from the same “hood”,coming together to perform a given task are some of the things that would make one part of a squad.

No one likes to go to a party or attend social events by themselves. What of those days that you wish to go on a road trip or times that you yearn to be a local tourist. It would be prosaic to go on such adventures without the squad by your side.

I feel the warmth already rising as I mark the calendar for a line-up of activities the rest of the year. Knowing that I got caring and positive people by my side gives a feeling of vindication.

Life is more rewarding with the squad.

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