Overworked to Death

Elizabeth Crespo works a full-time retail job, as well as study full-time

Working a 40 hour week can be tiring, add attending college full-time and it can be downright exhausting, many students across the U.S. find themselves working and studying full-time just to make it through.

“The hardest part about working and going to school full-time is trying to make up a schedule that accomodates both,” said current full-time employee and student, Elizabeth Crespo. “A majority of the time work wins and I have to find classes that fit my work schedule. That also means I lose sleep because I get out late from class and wake up early for work.”

As of 2015, about 43% of students enrolled in a college also work full-time. Many factors contribute to what drives an individual to overwork themselves to this extent. The steadily increasing cost of tuition being the main one. Overworking oneself has been proven to cause stress, but recently it has been discovered that overexerting oneself could also potentially lead to death. As tuition continues rising, more and more students are finding means of paying it off without subjecting themselves to debt, but unknowingly lead them to their mortality

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