The official answer on why Flynn resigned given by the President today is that Flynn misled the…
Austin Frank

Yep, I agree with most of what you say here — the situation requires a fair amount of both Occam’s and Hanlon’s razor with regards to how much influence can Russia wield, but even that is sidestepping the main point I feel.

I don’t think anyone (who should be taken seriously) is suggesting that Russian is now “pulling the strings for Trump”, but does that mean that the hacking campaign waged by the Russians detailed in the ODNI report is not both unprecedented and horrifying? You may be correct that even without the influence of the hack Hillary would have lost anyway — it’s a moot point — but the attempt to influence, and the success in penetrating the system to the point they did is the story here. Just because they turned out not to reveal “anything bad”, doesn’t mean they should be excused for the attack. Intent matters. “Attempted murder” is still a heinous crime, even if it’s not “murder”.

Foreign donations are of course both cause for concern and investigation but to imply equivalence is disingenuous. Public comments by overseas leaders should be welcomed — like it or not the US president has a huge impact on other countries, and they have the right to express their opinions, but not to covertly sabotage.

Combine that with the President’s and Congress’s desire to play it down worries me. It gives the appearance that the party system has devolved to the point that one side will allow (through inaction) a foreign power to meddle, provided it assists their side. Would the Republican’s be so relaxed about the affair if the shoe was on the other foot?

It’s either collusion, hypocrisy or shocking ignorance as to what is possible and what is at stake. One of the three.

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