Venture Capital Summer Associate-Data Collective — Brendan Mahon

Favorite XKCD Comic:

I have been reading XKCD comics for years, having first been exposed to XKCD as an undergraduate engineer over a decade ago. Picking my favorite, as a result, is a really difficult task! With that in mind, I’m picking the comic I find myself referencing most often.

I’m a huge bitcoin enthusiast, and often find myself talking with fellow bitcoin enthusiasts. Every once in a while, as our conversations drift, I feel we find ourselves becoming somewhat unrealistic, particularly with respect to cryptography. This comic serves as a reminder to me to think about products that serve the real world as it is reality rather than as it is in our imagination.

Favorite Sci-Fi Movie:

As with the XKCD comic, this is a big challenge for me as Sci-Fi is my favorite genre. To my wife’s dismay, however, I have to pick 2001: A Space Odyssey. This is my favorite movie, and, in her words, the worst movie I’ve ever made her sit through. To make as many friends with my application reviewers as possible, my second favorite Sci-Fi movie is Jurassic Park!

Cool Big Data Analysis Problem:

I contracted with VCU orthodontics to write software to collect and analyze 400k tweets based on sentiment.

The article (on which I am second author) can be found at the following link.

LinkedIn Profile:

How can I add value in 70 days:

I am a motivated, deeply curious self starter. I am not interested in taking an internship if I don’t feel I’ll be able to learn through the internship while making a meaningful contribution to the company. I believe my academic and professional background is a great fit for Data Collective and I would be able to hit the ground running. I have a strong technical understanding and interest in the companies Data Collective is evaluating. Coupled with my MBA experience, I would have both the motivation and capability to support Data Collective with supporting its existing portfolios and any other task that may come before me.

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