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A marketplace where professional truck drivers, independent operators, and trucking companies can connect with shippers for carrying loads that need to be transported from one place to another.

Trucking is a highly unorganized industry, mainly because of its operational aspects, and the high density of competition in the market has left it fragmented.

Trucks have evident advantages over other networks, especially rails:

  • They can deliver cargo to mountainous, rural and other remote areas which remain inaccessible through rail network.
  • There is considerable time saving in loading and unloading as trucks provide doorstep delivery.
  • Trucks are available in various sizes and capacities according to the purpose of use (for example, tippers, haulage, trailers, two and three-axle rigid trucks), which makes it convenient for the companies to transport their goods in the quantity they require.

In this industry, the brokers/agents/middlemen are majorly the ones that source the trucks, complete the paperwork, and manage the delivery schedules and are pretty much moving the market.

UBER, after disrupting the On-Demand Taxi and Food Delivery market, now wants to shake the trucking market with Uber Freight.

With Uber Freight, UBER is trying to get rid of the brokers / agents / middlemen, and replace the conventional brokerage system system with a more organized, un-fragmented, and automated system. The shippers and truck drivers can directly connect via Uber Freight’s mobile applications , get/give instant quotes for the transportation, and agree upon the immediate shipment pickup without wasting hours of negotiation

How is Uber Freight solving the problems of the trucking industry ?

Meets on-demand capacity promptly for shippers
Lowers operating costs
Increases revenues
Brings transparency in prices and processes
Improves efficiency of vehicle and fuel utilization
Pays drivers the right price and on time
Facilitates GPS-enabled freight management.

Uber Freight also pays the truck drivers within a few days, fee-free for every single load. Payment, in the conventional trucking market could take several weeks to months to release.

Uber Freight is currently working its way into the US trucking industry
Truck drivers in US drive about 10% of all miles and haul a whopping 14 billion tons of freight every year. That averages out to almost 250 pounds of goods for each American every single day. 70% of all freight in the country is moved by trucks. Collectively, the industry employs almost seven million people — more Americans than almost any other — and driving trucks is the most popular job in 30 states. The top 25 brokers in the U.S. earn (and cost trucking companies) over $23 billion annually in aggregate.There are still driver shortages, and a major industry group predicts an additional need of 900,000 drivers — human or robot — by 2025.

While startups like Cargomatic, GoShare, Doft, Convoy are trying to get a piece of the market, Amazon, is also rumored to be working on an “Uber for trucks” solution for the American market.

With every new player trying to capture the American Trucking industry. the trucking market in the rest of the world still remains untapped. Huge potential and few players makes trucking a lucrative business to invest in, but with a technology friendly approach busting out the old brokerage system.

If you think you can grab a piece of this market, or start a Uber for Trucks mobile app based trucking marketplace, organize it and run a profitable business, reach out to technology companies that can get you the applications quickly and at an affordable cost. Not only should you consider reliable technology partners, but also the technology stack offered by them so that you have a platform that is secure, robust and scalable.

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You should definitely check it out and drop in your feedback in the comments section.