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Today we are launching the private beta testing phase of the Pngme Android mobile app! We will be incrementally inviting people who have registered for Early Access through our website to test the Android app on their own mobile device. Users will have 7 days to download, sign up to the app, and perform the tests (mentioned below) before the next batch of users get invites. The rollout is phased to allow us to receive feedback, identify bugs, and make improvements as we move towards a general release of the mobile app in Q3 2019. You cannot withdraw or deposit Pngcoin during the beta testing phase and all user balances will be reset at the end of the testing period. After the beta period ends, testing, airdrop, and bounty rewards will be added to your account.

We plan to invite the following number of users to test the beta app as follows:

Week 1 (May 13th): 50 users

Week 2 (May 19th): 100 users

Week 3 (May 26th): Interviews & Feedback

Week 4 (June 3rd): 250 users

Week 5 (June 10th): 500 users

Week 6 (June 17th): 1000 users

Anyone can test the Android app using our demo at the following link: The demo has a limit of 20 simultaneous users.

Users testing the mobile app will have to perform the following tasks

  1. Install the Android APK
  2. Signup using your mobile number
  3. Add a profile picture
  4. Send 500 PNG to our Test Account by searching using this phone number 415–371–9233
  5. Request 250 PNG from our Test Account by searching using this phone number 415–371–9233
  6. Transfer 2000 PNG to your savings account for 12 months
  7. Take a screenshot of your dashboard once you have completed your tasks and email it to
  8. Answer the emailed questionnaire from the Pngme team after the tasks have been completed

Android Demo Video

Demo of the Pngme mobile application


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Thank you,

The Pngme Team

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