I don’t know why I chose this photo, other than its beauty. :)

We’re looking for an Analyst to join our team of 6 investors. This is a 2–3 year role, but if it goes well we’d love for you to grow with the firm over the long term. It should give you rare insight into how great companies are built, how venture works, and where it’s going.

Who We Are

Ridge Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in startups who are redefining how the world interacts with data and code. We invest in enterprise software companies with a focus on AI, analytics and data, SaaS, infrastructure, marketing technology, and…

Dodging lightning in the Southern Sierras in August. This was before I broke my pole, and lost my tent (yes…) P: Tomás Gutiérrez Meoz

‘Why I’m Joining’ posts can feel indulgent. But they’re helpful to reflect on what matters, and what we’re all collectively building.


Since arriving in the Bay Area a decade ago, I’ve been fortunate to see over 13,000 pitches, work directly with 1000+ founders, have very close relationships with a dozen, and officially advise a handful of teams. That kind of immersion, before you write a single check, gives you a personal view into what founders go through, day in and day out. Co-founder splits, executive struggles, missed months, unhelpful investors. Self-doubt, self-confidence, deep joy, and true pain. Through it…

The New York Times recently published a wonderful photo essay. The circumstances were unique: an official cleaning out an office found almost 3000 photos taken by staff photographers during a newspaper strike in the summer of 1978.

Photo via NYT: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/04/27/nyregion/newyork-parks-photos.html

I grew up in the 80s and early 90s. The New York I knew through the news was one of crime, and decay, and confrontation. Because that’s what’s new, and newsworthy. But of course, the daily reality was different, and that’s what makes this essay so notable. You can see it in these photos. People living lives of value, together. …

Fabric’s ‘Stuff We Don’t Talk About’ Fireside chat series invites quietly bad ass practitioners to share their experience in intimate, candid, off-the-record settings. Stay up to date on future talks here.

Larissa Conte is a coach, culture designer, and rites of passage guide. Her driving passion is designing systems to activate and develop the creative potential in individuals and groups. She’s worked with clients spanning startups and the Fortune 100 to nonprofits in a diverse array of industries — tech, health and science, b2b, food & beverage, education, finance, media, retail, design, fitness, and consulting.

Here are the anonymized notes…

Fabric’s ‘Stuff We Don’t Talk About’ Fireside chat series invites quietly bad ass practitioners to share their experience in intimate, candid, off-the-record settings.

Our next event, with Larissa Conte of Wayfinding, is called ‘Why I Feel Like Shit At Work’. We’ll be tackling how to understand and change our organizations’ routines, rituals, cultures, and systems, to create healthier places to do great work. Get tickets here, and stay up to date on future talks here.

Here are the anonymized notes from last night’s talk, with specifics removed, and published after review from our speakers. …

Now that we’re getting comfortable in our new home in San Francisco, we’re working to foster conversations we think we should be having.

The setting for these are intimate groups, off-the-record, with deep dives via fireside chat format followed by some group involvement. We’ll be inviting speakers who are quietly experts in what they do, as well as introspective folks who have firsthand experience with the subject.

Here’s what we have coming up. If you can’t make these, sign up here to get early word on upcoming talks.

Upcoming Talks

Designing for Empathy: Building human connection through product and data

September 26th, 6:30, at Fabric. Tickets

Fabric’s ‘Stuff We Don’t Talk About’ Fireside Chat Series invites experts into small, off-the-record group settings to talk about things that matter.

As humans, we’re increasingly breaking into smaller, more distinct, and more separate groups. We’ve seen this most recently in our politics, but it’s also playing out economically and geographically. This is often made worse by technology, which can isolate us from other people.

Our two speakers work to do the opposite: connect humans more closely through products and data.

Anne Diaz leads research for the Trust group at Airbnb, where she works to create a more inclusive and…

A year ago I sat on a welding table in the shop, head down, emotionally paralyzed.

I was a half year into a project that had turned into a business, building custom furniture. I had fucked up some table legs, and had to cut, grind, and reweld them into shape. But I couldn’t do it.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t correct my mistake. I’d corrected mistakes on every project to that point. I’d sanded off finishes that I wasn’t happy with, I’d rewelded legs that weren’t perfectly straight, and repainted a lot of surfaces. …

Over the past 7 years, through close friends and two partners, I’ve had a peek at how our world of startups looks like for women, and in particular, female founders. Most of the time it’s fine. Sometimes it’s not, and that sometimes is a real problem. Our industry is only starting a long overdue reckoning with that.

As this started to blow up this week, here’s the first thing that I thought: these women are fucking courageous. They’re heroes.

Because one of the things I’ve learned through many conversations is how much power the investor class holds over founders. This…

Note: This originally appeared 4 years and almost 25K views ago on Quora. But it’s still something we dive into in sessions with Accelerators. So as we kick off Pitchcraft on Medium, it’s worth including here. Enjoy.

To read more like this, subscribe to Pitchcraft above. If you’re at the stage where you’re putting your pitch together, I’ve assembled a bunch of slide templates to help, at Pitch Patterns. Rock, rock on.


We recently mapped Appmakr’s seed round, to reveal the network path they took to raise $1M from 14 top investors.

See it at http://slidesha.re/k8ytrZ (slideshow). Check out…


Exploring and building, surrounded by good people. ex-Greylock, AngelList, Oxford + Cambridge, and occasional Beatboxer

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