It’s amazing how many loops we take in our lives, as we spin through career stages and areas of interest.

Yesterday, I spent a glorious afternoon in a Turkish bath in Istanbul. The experience captivated me, and I started thinking about my own service I was building in San Francisco. It occurred to me that one way to think about a (product/) service experience was to use built spaces as a model, so I should learn about how architecture and psychology are connected, and how architects take people through different elements of experience in a building.

I was searching for resources on it today, when it hit me that 7 years ago I almost did a PhD at Cambridge on just that: how our built environments influence us (then, specifically on our creativity and innovativeness).

This is only one of many, many times I’ve been surprised that I’m bumping into a previous path, impulse, experience, or feeling, from a different direction. We often think our moves are completely original, but they rarely are.