Six, yes SIX times the Mets played just as bad last year, the same year they went to the World Series

The Mets are 2–5. That sucks. It definitely, indisputably, undeniably sucks. It also happens over the course of 162 games, a lot. Even to teams that win their division and then the NL pennant, as they did last year. I count six times the Mets were on similar cold streaks in 2015. If you combine two stretches in June they were 2–13! And they still won 90 games and went to the World Series!

Now granted, if they go into the territory of starting 2–8 or 2–9… that would be worse. And they did need an early 11 game win streak and an amazing month of August in which they went 20–8 to get to that 90 win plateau. But still… 2–5 is far from unheard of.

We’ll be alright. #LGM🍎