Snapchat Trivia Week 2

Another week, another dumb question. Annnnnd the winner is…

Champ79. I’m giving Champ the W to teach you guys a lesson. A lot of you want to just send a selfie with the answer. That’s not gonna get it done. If you are gonna send a selfie you need to make yourself look like a complete moron. Like Champ here did.

On to the honorable mentions.

Ummm did he? I don’t think he did, Liz. Did he really?

Stingray Steve or an awful drawing gets and honorable mention everytime. Jon Frat gets one for putting in absolute minimal effort and at least googling the damn thing. Better that the black screen that 95% of you sent. Yes, I am harshly judging your Snapchat Trivia effort.

I’ll update the scoreboard at some point today.

If you are not already playing get in on the action 👻: Kfcradio