Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got billions of dollars. You cannot spend your way out of a fundamental mistake.

By any metric, Quibi is a failure.

The mobile-video platform hit #1,477 in the IOS app store’s rankings in early June. Advertisers are renegotiating due to low viewership. Even founder…

TikTok just revealed what’s under the hood with their algorithm 🤯 🤯 🤯

Rumors have run rampant for a long time. Many speculated TikTok was actively putting their thumb on the scales to promote specific creators. …

Quibi ranked #1,477 in the IOS app store last week.

Katzenberg stated that he “attributes everything that has gone wrong too coronavirus. Everything.”

The data tells a different story.

Due to the Coronavirus average US Mobile usage has increased 23 additional minutes. Ten of those minutes are mobile video.

Quibi offers programs in 5–10 minute chunks. Other streaming services (Netflix, HBO, Disney+) all had subscriptions increase.

The problem is Quibi is not a product/market fit.

The app targets 18–34 year olds. But, Quibi is filled with traditional celebrities and reboots of shows popular 20 years ago.

The most popular celebs amongst young people today are influencers. The content is completely misaligned for the target consumer.

What’s the draw for them? Nothing that I can see.

Three days ago, I noticed the #3 app in the App Store was Zynn.

I’d never heard of the app before. I downloaded it and played with it for a few minutes. …

‘Some Good News’ sells to ViacomCBS following a massive bidding war‘

Under the terms of the acquisition ‘Some Good News’ is going to find its way to TV.

However, Krasinski who is the actor, writer, producer and director will no longer host it. Krasinski’s role going forward will be as executive producer.

The move highlights the disconnect of traditional media and…

With people forced indoors and live sports all but disappeared people are spending more time online than ever. Esports, gaming and live-streaming related platforms are seeing significant growth as a result.

According to data from Akamai (and reported on by ReclaimTheNet.com)

This isn’t the first recession the influencer economy has faced.

The first was ‘08-’09. Bloggers were the ‘big’ influencers. YouTubers were on the periphery.

What we experienced was an era of disruption.

Companies selling ads and brand deals for blogs really suffered. In 2009 Federated Media, which sold brand integrations…

When it comes to influencer marketing bigger isn’t better.

Micro isn’t better. Better is better.

Touted as having higher engagement rates, lower pricing, and more credibility than their ‘macro’ counterparts micro influencers are the hottest category of creator to hire.

This is silly.

Micro-influencers being better or more effective is…

People love to shit on influencers.

Casper’s reference to influencers within their S1 filing last week invited a lot of hate. BusinessInsider touted “Casper IPO: Mattress startup warns Instagram influencers are risk factor” and PRWeek’s headline read “Bad influence: When a brand’s social media stars repel consumers.”


I was curious…

Rogan (basically) endorsed Sanders for president.

The Sanders team has touted the endorsement as a win, and I don’t think it will be the last time.

More candidates will court podcasters, YouTubers, streamers, etc.

Why wouldn’t they?

Bernie was a guest on Rogan’s podcast back in August and I’m guessing…


15 years in advertising - social video and influencer marketing.

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