Stay Hungry, Not Thirsty — My Experience with the 10 Rules of Brand Building (Part 4)

I’m so freaking excited for our 4th installment of the 10 rules of brand building.

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And here’s the lowdown.

Stay HUNGRY. Not thirsty.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Let that sink in a bit.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Let’s be honest here, I have to have quite a bit of arrogance to think that listening to me, or me and a guest, talk for an hour in worth your time. Thinking that I have something to say and the world will be better if they hear it tells you a lot about me as a person.

In this rule, Bobby Hundreds of says that just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Just because I could try to push some product on you and convince you that I have the keys to building a successful side business, I won’t.

Just because I could flood Twitter to inflate my numbers to look better to advertisers, I won’t.

Just because I could try to sell you 99 designs, or audible or whatever else, it doesn’t mean that I should.

That’s just not who I am.

The best things I’ve ever done in any of my businesses didn’t actually exist.

And you know what, let’s get a little bit weird.

I don’t want to hook up on the first date, or the 15th, or whatever episode this is. I want to develop a solid relationship where we both know and trust eachother. I don’t date. I get married. I play the long game, and so should you.

Sure, Nike or Adidas or Reebok could enter my niche of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and instantly wreck everybody in the space. They could shake things up literally overnight and, while I expect that to happen in the next few years, just because they can, doesn’t mean they should. Should they play in every sporting space just because they can? Is that on brand for them? Is there a solid ROI?

Passion and Patience

Next, let’s talk about passion. And then we’ll talk about patience.

We’re growing up the in age of social media, and while I wish (and think) that social media doesn’t matter, for you it does. You see the people sharing their results and #humblebragging constantly. There’s a few podcast groups on Facebook that I can’t even go in anymore because it’s just a constant stream of humblebrags and it makes me want to throw up.

You see, Instagram is a freaking highlight reel of how awesome everybody is with a beautiful visual to go with it. You have a fledgling cooking blog and wonder how you’ll ever get your food to look like the food on some popular Instagram page. But what you don’t get to see is that the photo of the perfect stack of 5 pancakes took them over 3 hours of cooking and 200 pancakes and even when they got the perfect 5, it was 28 shots, upload to photoshop, back to the phone, then to Instagram.

The point is that it totally distorts success. You don’t get to see that that dude has been cooking since he was 4 and still makes that many mistakes.

If you look at my Instagram page, you get to see a preview of a cool new rashguard we have coming up, but you don’t get to see the stack of 50+ samples of rashguards and MMA shorts that we have scrapped over the course of a year to get to that point. You definitely don’t see the late nights I’ve stayed up scared, frustrated, trapped, depressed, etc. Becoming a person of confidence the way that I have doesn’t come easily. And none of that path is reflected anywhere online.

Except for here. Having a podcast, getting to talk about these things, and teach you in the process, is cathartic.

I could really hear it in John’s voice. You’ll remember he was the guy from Episode 13, our very first Q&A Friday. I could tell how passionate he was about finding his dream job and nob being stuck in cubicle land forever.

But I don’t want the young, the hungry, the foolish, to confuse being able to do everything and being able to do it all at once.

Some people can. Some people you follow on Instagram. Or Snapchat. They have half a million followers and you have 112.

Because that’s not you. It’s just not.

And you better start being okay with that.

This is the patience.

Sure your passion will wake you up at 3am for the first week, or the first month, or even the first year. But will you be patient enough to keep that passion for 5 years? Can you get up at 3am every day for the next 5 years? Because that’s where I am. Can I do this for the next 10? What about the next 20?

I REFUSE to let my passion diminish because I refuse to be patient.

Whatever your business is. Whatever your passion is. The REAL reason you listen to this podcast. Time is your unfair advantage. There will always be people with better ideas and people more talented. But they’ll all quit. All of them.

If Passion is the jab, patience is the right hook.

It’s the multiplier.

It’s the 10,000 hours Malcolm Gladwell talks about in Outliers.

I want to help you get there.

I want to teach what I’ve learned.

I know you want to quit your job some day, or have a bit more leverage in your life. And you want to build a side business to do that. You have an amazing idea and you just need a bit of help to make that happen.

But for now you just need to wait. I’m a huge advocate of coaches, but it’s hard to see past all of the gurus out there. I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on courses where they promised me riches and glory almost overnight. But just because I could, doesn’t mean that I should have.

Just like that, I want you to hear my mistakes. Of when I tried to grow too fast and burned a ton of money. When I invested in all of the shiny objects and the backlinking service and the crap that didn’t matter. Just because you can do these things, doesn’t mean you should.

Fight for passion, not for payoff. Have patience in all that you do. If you have the passion, and you’re ready to exercise some patience, then I’ll see you in the next episode of the Entrepreneurs and Coffee Podcast.

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