Loners and introverts aren’t fun to be around and they’re terrible networkers. Bill Gates, Gandhi, JK Rowling, Einstein and Christina Aguilera are loners who did okay for themselves — but don’t risk it — you’re better off not being like them. Fake it until you make it. Even if faking it to expand your comfort zone makes you feel anxious and doesn’t really help life in the long run, you will make it. If you fake it.

If you’re a business recluse who doesn’t network, you might as well be a stuffed owl on a mantlepiece, looking all wise, but…

A lot of unspoken anticipation for this week’s top performing memes based on minimal analytics and thumbsuckery — delivered to your eyes free of charge. Many LOLs were culled in the process, but which ones will survive in the wild?

Many more Instagram meme-snacks available at the GalacticSnack. And please, let’s keep the world upbeat.


This week’s top performing memes based on minimal analytics and hearsay — delivered to your eyeballs free of charge. As you guessed, there were quite a lot more memes than this… maybe you saw some?

Get more calorie-dense meme-snacks from the Galactic account below. And please, let’s keep the world upbeat.


Another round of top performing memes based on small sample sizes to fill your eyeballs on Friday. I didn’t cover all the memes, there were quite a few more than these floating around, like, a lot more.

See more thoughtful, calorie-dense meme-snacks — let’s follow one another while locked down by an invisible villain. No, not Kevin Bacon in Hollow Man or the government… the virus thing.


Here are some top performing memes based on a small sample size to brighten your Friday — or make you shake your head in disagreement and irritation. Did you see other decent memes? I feel like there were more than just these eight out there?

Let me know on Instagram. You’ll find more thoughtful, but calorie-dense meme-snacks. Let’s follow one another for the sake of a more amused and upbeat planet. https://www.instagram.com/galacticsnack

And let’s not even get started on the dawdlers. Like Seth Godin asks, have you found your tribe? Are you team Lolly or are you team Dilly?

Whichever way you sway, please, in these divisive times, let’s respect both lollygaggers and dilly-dallyers, and everyone’s rights to do so. Republicans/Democrats, Citizens/Immigrants, Werewolves/Vampires, we’re all two sides of the same banged up coin. Sanitise that coin because of Corona, put the coin in your pocket and ride off into the sunset on your penny-farthing… respecting all tribes.

Although people who mosey can f**k right off. Or am I being too harsh?

Let me know on Instagram where you’ll find more thoughtful, but calorie-dense meme-snacks. Let’s follow one another for the sake of the planet. https://www.instagram.com/galacticsnack


Whatever your feelings were about The Long Night episode, I’m sure your mind turned to the Night King’s management style and what can be gleaned for your organisation, right?

Vague spoilers below:

Stay On Brand (To Stay On Bran)

The Night King ran a successful business campaign for around eight thousand years… “Winter is Coming”

Like all good brands (“Just Do It”, “I’m Loving’ It”) the Night King stayed 100% on message. He didn’t randomly start a Twitter account that shared recycled memes, pretending to be your funny friend. …

I wanted to motivate you, but all the CrossFit weight loss plans, wealth-building strategies and sleep schedule hacks were already covered. It appears that the Internet has hit its quota on those.

Instead, I present you with the concept of CloseTabuary. Please help get it started for the sake of our mental health.

Do you live for the dopamine rush of clicking new web links, then regretting the effort required to read the information you clicked to? Are you addicted to click?

Many have already given up their New Year’s goals. It’s because your goals were too lofty. Forget aiming…

‘It’s not the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog’ is a quote that often gets shared despite that it’s basically endorsing dog fighting. Underdog and Top Dog also refer to the winning and losing dogs in a fight. Despite the horrific origins of the word, here’s what (business) underdogs can learn from actual dogs.

1. Dogs love to play fetch. Be like them and enjoy pursuing (fetching) new clients.

2. However, chasing the ball (money) is completely captivating and fun until it becomes extremely tiring and feels like you’re going to have a heart attack if…

Really attractive people, they bleed too. Just because no one’s ever bought you a car because your smile can melt a glacier, or because you’ve never even been allowed into the VIP section of any event, that doesn’t mean you should judge them through your disapproving and somewhat ugly lens.

When looking down on someone for being ‘too beautiful’, remember these dark, sad realities:

1 You get jobs even if you’re up against someone better qualified (but less good looking.) Plus you often get a slightly better salary than the more qualified person. It’s really patronising and not cool.


Brendan Jack

Digital video producer, film & marketing writer, director, performer, voice artist, comedy mongerer. Author of this book: http://bit.ly/nZsdDR

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