Is it OK being OK?

Am sitting , think about my future. But the thing is, i want so many things out of it and is this really realistic? I think when we are young, the world seems like a place full of opportunity and you can go grab whatever you think you deserve! But as we get older, it seems as if we lose that great drive and belief in ourselves and sink into the ‘reality' that life doesn’t always go as we want. Then suddenly we become OK with barely handling our bills,OK with mediocre relationship because at least now you aren’t alone and you got everyone of your back on the marriage thing. OK with being OK! So you just get on with your life because that is your ‘fate' and hope that your kids, have a better future than yours. In short, we become OK with miserable lives. There is no longer that thrill and happiness in your life. Just chores and responsibilities! You even forget yourself through all of this! That is the greatest fear i have. Not having the opportunity to achieve the things i want then finally conform to the ‘OK standards of living.’ The burden of all this things can be overwhelming at times. The uncertainty is too much. We can get caught up trying to avoid this kind of life that we actually end up in there. We are so intent on being successful that we stretch ourselves too thin. Focusing on so many things doesn’t make you successful or focused rather makes us not good at anything and aimless. What you need to do is give yourself a break. You got enough pressure from everyone else don’t add more on yourself. Find a release. Like a sport like tennis. Clear your mind and figure out what you really REALLY wanna do. What can you do without pay and be happy and satisfied … Figure it out and focus on that. It will help you get a footing. Now you can have an aim so you can work towards it and grow. I am a 20 year old girl with lots of dreams. I am trying to get my footing . And so far, i think am doing OK.