The Blockchain Bank of the Future

Brendan Wong
Mar 27, 2018 · 1 min read

Blockchain technology is here to stay and it’s time we start to imagine the financial system of the future. Let’s explore the potential of Blockchain Banks.

  1. People — The Blockchain revolution has been driven by People and Decentralisation. People now manage their own funds and digital asset portfolios on the Blockchain.
  2. Companies — With adoption, corporations run on the blockchain. Accounting, Finance, Supply Chain, Payroll etc. It will reduce costs and increase returns for shareholders.
  3. Blockchain Banks — Deposits, Lending, Payments. Blockchain Cards. Mobile Payments, QR codes. Blockchain Banks can offer better value to their customers.
  4. Central Banks — Cryptocurrency Fiat Tokens. Central banks can create Digital Fiat Cryptocurrency in the Financial System of the Future.

Incentives drive adoption.

A Case Study: ABLE — The Revolutionary Worldwide Blockchain Bank.

  1. Depositors receive higher interest rates.
  2. Borrowers pay lower interest rates.
  3. Smart Contracts eliminates Moral Hazard and Central Server Hacking.
  4. Smart Contract Banking Services include payroll, investment etc.
  5. ABLE Token holders receive capital gains on user adoption.


Blockchain Banks offer a compelling value proposition to customers and shareholders and are positioned to deliver unique Banking Services by unlocking the potential of Blockchain Technology.

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