Why White Supremacists Identify With Rhodesia
Robert Beckhusen

Why do you lie to your viewers? Blacks in Rhodesia had full economic rights and enjoyed the highest living standards in Africa. 80% of the Rhodesian army was black, and they fought side by side with their white brethren against militant Communist trained and indoctrinated in China and the Soviet Union. To call this a case of simple white colonialism over subjugated blacks as as far from the truth as you can be. You seem to forget that the black nationalist/communist movement routinely raped and murdered blacks and whites alike. Whites, for the purpose of pure elimination. Blacks, for the purpose of fearful subjugation to their cause. Ian Smith warned us all that giving democratic voting rights to Rhodesia was no better than “the law of the Jungle”. The most violent and cruel would quickly ascend to the top, and it would be impossible to topple them unless someone more violent and cruel came along. But the UK, US, and the UN wouldn’t heed this warning, threating a full economic sanction, forcing Rhodesia’s last ally South Africa to comply. And what happened? Mugabe rose after assassinating the other black nationalist political leader. He chased the whites out of Rhodesia and began ethnic cleansing of tribal groups. The election that put him in office was the last election of Zimbabwe. The Rhodesian dollar, which was stronger than the U.K. pound and the U.S. dollar was exchanged on a 1:1 ratio with the Zimbabwe dollar. Economic collapse ensued as Mugabe put his people in charge. No longer did Rhodesia supply Africa with excess food, but they themselves began to starve. The mining industry collapsed. And the Zimbabwe dollar is now exchanged with the U.S. dollar on a 1:250,000,000,000,000,000 ratio. Success? And all this happened as the UN and the West invested billions, attempting to make Zimbabwe the flagship success of black nationalism? To this day in Zimbabwe, Rhodesia is still talked about as the good old days.

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