A Day at the Central Louisiana Food Bank.

Right before Louisiana State University of Alexandria’s students start their day off volunteering, they must wait and sign what school they are from, since their were other schools and organizations there to help feed the hungry.

Boxes and bags of food ready to be dispersed.

Lines of students fill a part of the building as it takes so many boxes to be filled with food. Some orders for food take as much as 60 boxes to fill.

At the end of each order, the boxes get filled with plenty of things to drink and eat including: mayo, peanut butter, milk, grape juice, spaghetti noodles, pudding, pop tarts, etc. All of these boxes go to families who can’t afford food for the holidays, or homeless men and women.

Stanley Guillot, a monthly worker for the food bank, helps make sure that each shipment of 36 boxes is fastened and secured to help transport to a different location of the food bank.

Jesus Rubio, a student from LSUA, was chosen to recieve and drop off the boxes and bags of foods from one end of the food bank to the other.

Phoenix (left), Zachary (middle), and Nick (right) are waiting to be assigned what to do as there were tons of volunteers working diligently and not enough jobs. It only took a hour and a half to finish what needed to be done for the day.

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