MiniTest Default Variable Gotcha

My day to day is mostly spent working on a Ruby on Rails app. We use MiniTest as our test suite, and I learned something interesting about it today I wanted to share. Within each test, there is a default variable called name, that outputs the name of the test itself.

In my case, I was writing an integration test for a create function. Within that function, I was creating a new object that had an attribute called name. On my first pass writing the test, I wrote something like this:

test "create" do
title = "Name"
database_object: {
name: name,
other_attribute: "Your text here"
  assert_match "#{name} created.", response.body

You’ll notice in the code above, I set the variable title to a string value, but then in the rest of my code, I called a variable name in the post action and the assert_match . I didn’t notice this until I kicked off the test, but surprisingly, it passed.

Not knowing why it passed since I hadn’t set the variable name myself, I added puts name before the post action, and ran it again. The test passed of course, but interestingly, the output of the puts statement was “test_create”. Because MiniTest sets the variable name (which I didn’t realize at the time) to the name of the test, it was causing a false positive when I initially ran my test. Luckily I didn’t spend too much time figuring this out, but thought it was something worth sharing.

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