There are actually simple ways to show appreciation and be grateful in life. In the words of Joshua Becker, showing gratitude opens the door to simplicity and any individual who is appreciative for the little things they own will care for them, enjoy them, and waste less energy seeking more.

They will experience fulfillment in the gifts they already possess rather than looking outside themselves for more.

I remember vividly a beautiful story my neighbour told to me sometimes this year. It was a story about his two sons aged 6 and 4 who wanted to outsmart him- they eventually did anyway!

They were in the car for a Sunday evening stroll with him (their father). While moving around, they came across a fast food outlet and the brothers in a lively mood asked their dad for ice-cream.

The father parked the car, got down, bought it and gave them, they took it from him gladly without saying thank you to him. As a father, he was actually concerned about this show of ungratefulness and didn’t want them to grow up this way. However, he kept it mind and they all went home happily.

Apparently, the dad who wanted to ‘teach’ them a lesson on how to be grateful in life no matter how little the favour is and how showing appreciation for something done can open more doors for you, knowingly took them out again some weeks later, taking the exact same route like the other day.

In his heart, he knew they would definitely ask him for ice-cream again and this time he vowed to turn deaf ears to them.

So the journey progressed with the fun and excitement that comes naturally when kids and their dads are together having a good time.

However, as they got closer to the fast food outlet and his kids who were already familiar with the route and standing behind him in the car, sighted the signboard and immediately turned to their father and said;

‘daddy, thank you for the ice-cream the other day and thank you for the one you will buy for us today’’.

He pretended not to have heard what they said while he kept driving and nodding his head. Along the line, something struck him and that was immediately the kids said that, they kept quiet and never bothered saying anything again even though they have been talking and having a daddy and sons play all the while.

”Like they actually planned it”, he recounted….

He tried his best not to give in but he kept thinking of the latter part of their statement- thank you for the one you will buy for us today.

As they got to the spot, he drove and didn’t stop.

Then the ”demons” began fighting him in his mind.

He fought them off strongly to the best of his ability but then and yet again, another thought came to his mind- ”after all, they ‘ve already thanked you for the one of today”. So what’s your excuse?

At this point and almost 200 hundred metres past the ice cream’s outlet, he reversed the vehicle, got down from it and got it for them.

I know you’d be thinking if they told him thank you again, NO! They already thanked him already.

I also read this article by OLAITAN on appreciation and how remorseful she was for feeling awkward riding in a bus marked ”Physically Challenged Students”, even though it was a help that came to her and other students just at the right time to save them from the scorching sun of the day.

Showing gratitude and appreciation goes a long way in defining who we are. No matter your religious affiliation, most people wake from sleep in the morning and the first thing they do is to show appreciation to God or whoever they feel has their destiny or lives in his hands.

Even though research is still trying to establish the link to the fact that expressing gratitude or showing appreciation can lead to a healthier, happier and less-stressed lifestyle, I believe it does.

9 Simple Ways To Show Appreciation and Be Grateful With Your Life

  • Know the value of the little things in your possession.

Great things come in small measure. The ability to value the small or little things you have will usher you into bigger things you desire. It’s like a stepping stone to your destination ahead.

Expressing gratitude in life means cultivating the right habits and characters from your childhood. If you can not show some appreciation to little things, you definitely can’t do with bigger things.

As my dad would always say, ”little things matter, don’t despise them”.

  • Be a Volunteer To community service

Perhaps the first and biggest benefit people get from volunteering is the satisfaction of incorporating service into their lives and making a difference in their community and country.

Take part in community development. Create friendship with other people and add some spices into your life.

The intangible benefits alone — such as pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment — are worthwhile reasons to serve. In addition, when we share our time and talents we:

• Solve Problems
• Improve Lives
• Connect to Others
• Transform Our Own Lives

  • Having a personal Journal/Diary to record situations and events

Before i started this blog, I had a friend who kept a dairy and recorded events in her life and all she would achieve on daily basis. It motivated me and even though that diary went missing soon afterwards, i knew the importance of events and dates properly documented.

  • Try to build a healthy life around you

Health is wealth. A sick body is an unhappy mind. Maintaining a good healthy lifestyle is something no amount of money can buy. So those unhealthy eating habits should be discarded.

Eat good food and lots of water must be consumed daily. For the pregnant women, eating healthy pregnancy diets should be a top priority for you.

  • Be thankful for the little you have

Little things are way bigger than you think. What you may actually be looking for in life may be right inside that little thing in your hands but disdain, lack of foresight and impatience may make you loose it.

Thankfulness creates gratitude which will further generate contentment and that will provide so much peace and tranquility in you. One of the main reasons that we lose our enthusiasm in life is because we unknowingly become ungrateful.

Remember how small the Mustard seed looks in your hands but how big it becomes when it germinates.

  • Develop yourself with inspirational quotes, texts and words to build your spirit, mind and body positively

Everyone needs inspiration in life. Some people are motivated and get encouraged by what others say. Inspirational quotes are powerful words of encouragement that revives the body and mind with so much strength. It often express profound truths in the most elegant ways.

A good inspirational quote can be so strong in it’s message, that just for a moment- you stop in awe to fully take in the wisdom they express so efficiently.

  • Stay away from pessimistic people. You will end up being sober and regretful all the time.

people who are termed pessimists are individuals who do not see hope in anything they do. Most times they complain about someone accusing him or her of being responsible for their ugly situations or why they haven’t or could not do this or that.

These set of people are always stuck on one place. If you want to be happy in life, then you need those that will bring out the best of you always.

Yes, everybody is important and no one is indispensable, but for this, there is the need to stay away from such people to avoid contacting such mentality.

  • Give your self targets in achieving your goals and follow those laid out plans.

In this article I had written why everyone must plan in life. You can’t achieve anything without planning. If you want to be happy also, you should follow those procedures you know will aid you on how to be happy in life.

Make sure you know what you’re aiming for. It can’t be “success” unless you outline clearly what success is for you.

Have clear intentions. Get the picture. See it and experience it as vividly as you can. In doing so, you will have an excellent chance to hit your mark.

  • Don’t compare yourself with your mates you think are doing better than you in life.

Everyone has gone through that particular period in life when he or she had to compare life with others who are probably ”ahead” of them. It’s a normal thing in the life of an individual to compare with others sometimes, but dwelling on this always will only make you sadder rather than make you happy.

Not everyone is grateful for kind measures shown at them, some may see it as their entitlement or rights and hence no need to express gratefulness.

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