How to Make it as a BLOGGER…!

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I have always been interested in blogging. I have dabbled in the world of blogging several times before, but I never kept the momentum going. Initially I did blogging for fun and to be creative, also as a means to maybe earn some extra cash. My goal wasn’t to make a ton of money doing it, but whatever extra I made, I planned on putting it into a savings account I would call “TRAVEL.” Now I am thinking why not make a career out of blogging? “What, a career in blogging…really?” I am guessing that’s what others will either think or say, but that’s exactly what I mean. Why not combine my interest in blogging with my love of travel and earn enough to pay the bills. That situation seems to make much more sense. I DON’T want to live to work, but work to live.


Here’s where I went wrong on those first few stabs at being a blogger, I didn’t have a clear focus on what my blog would be about. I thought about every perspective I could imagine so I would have relatable topics to get people interested in what I had to say. After doing some research online I found a lot of helpful tips and advice provided by successful bloggers. I feel it would have been very useful for me to have known this information prior to starting my first blog. I should have asked myself “was blogging my hobby or did I want it to become my career?” If I had asked and answered those questions, maybe I would have thought to get some expert advice before diving right in. I exhausted so much energy on collecting content for my different blog posts instead of researching necessary topics to have a jump off point. I was hoping it would somehow magically take off; however, aside from family and friends viewing the blog, I wasn’t reaching anyone outside of those parameters and I wasn’t really sure how to. I tried building up my social media accounts and post all my blogging links and although I drove traffic to my site, it wasn’t enough to garner any financial gain. WELL… here’s why I think I wasn’t successful…


I needed to find my niche and become an expert on the subject, once you create some “credibility you can make connections with other bloggers in related fields by offering to do guest blogs about your specialty.” This TIP is one way to help get you more subscribers, another option would be to concentrate on expanding your community. An article in FORBES mentions a Blogger named Matt Kepnes who “created a forum on his website for travelers to trade ideas and tips…” this is a great way to help your readers interact with one another and with that comes a stronger network of promoters for your blogging site. It’s always a good idea to check your blogging analytics page as well to really pay close attention to the blogs that are receiving the most traffic and the overall growth of your viewers and/or subscribers.

Paying the bills


I learned a lot from the article Dorie Clark wrote, but what resonated the most was her tips on how to earn money while blogging. One of the suggestions was to create and sell an e-book. If you are a fitness guru, put together a diet and exercise plan and sell it. If you are a chef, put together some recipes, and create an e-book for purchase, those are just a few examples. DON’T count advertising as a way to make money, because once you establish your credibility and following, you’ll be approached with advertising deals.


My main goal is to live a life I love and that doesn’t mean to make a ton of money, or to be able to buy a ton of possessions. I want to see the world and create memories. If I could get paid to do what I love and still pay the bills, I would be happy. Happiness is what defines my success. What defines your success? Ask yourself that before diving into any endeavor. Thank you for your time in viewing this post.


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