My Wife and I Just Quit Our Startup Jobs and Sold Everything to Travel the World
Eric Bieller

I absolutely love the risk you and your wife are taking. This would be a dream come true. I would love to sell everything and just live. I am however, a mom, and my responsibility is to my kids and with their 500+ dance classes, well that is at least how it feels anyway, and school and my dogs, I often wonder when will this be possible. I know it will be my reality, but I know it will just come a bit later for me. I am just working on the plan slowly while I am living my life for everyone else. Once I have completed the crazy task of raising to awesomely talented and smart kiddos, will I be ready to focus on me. I am okay putting my life on pause for them, well actually, I am working on me at the moment as well. I am getting my finances in order and I am enrolled back in college to finish my Bachelor’s degree. So when it’s all said and done, I can spread my wings and fly and live with no regrets, I just might be a bit older. I love the idea that you are showing the world your finances as a way to guide and help those willing to take on the challenge. I admire your honesty and I will definitely be subscribing to your vlog. Good luck with all future endeavors and I hope you both continue to live out your dream.