On PYMES in México. Part 1 :Realization.

The first time i gained consciousness about the PYME situation in México was around 2010 , during my final year in CEDIM working as, according to my business card, Chief Evangelist.

Michael, CEDIM´s CEO at the time, ( now CEO @ Idea Couture ) devised a program that was designed for the working Mexican entrepreneurs…

In a nut shell, the reason for its creation was:

  1. 95% Mexico's economy is based on PYMES
  2. 90% will die within the first 5 years.
  3. We need innovation…

Wait… WHAT!?!

I was outraged. Why weren’t we ALL trying to solve this?, why wasn’t i aware? Solving this problem was the most obvious solution for 99% of this country´s problems. Why wasn’t EVERYONE working on this?


4 years later, i started working in BanRegio´s innovation invention; BanregioLABS. I was invited in by Dim, BanregioLABS director and main inventor, to participate in this new and exciting area.

As i guess it had to be, the first project i took on @ the Lab led me to research PYMEs in Mexico… ; 98% economy IS built on them (that 95% from 5 years ago was a humble figure ) and 90% WILL die within 5 years.

Now the question that popped up in my mind was on how i was going to be part of the solution. It was a different me from 5 years ago… More than angry at the problem, i felt inspired and compeled to be part of the people and projects that are already trying solving it.


A few weeks later i was invited by Manuel, the then new CEO of BanRegio, to be part of a conversation with his formal and informal leaders in order to communicate the new vision, mission and current quest.

When i heard what he had to say , i was left in total silence ( not at all in my character ), … this guy was actually doing it… heart, mind and resources. And i was going to be able to help — Him , Me, Us- out.

And this leads me to now… to be perfectly honest i’m not really sure about what im doing, but im quite sure in the why.

I´m passionate about my country, community and family… id rather live nowhere else than here and when I’m somewhere else i carry this new Mexican vibe & message with pride and honor.

We are brave and we are bold. We are thinkers and makers and doers and we want to leave this place better than we found it, we want to have fun in the process and we want everyone to join in… also, we´re pretty sure we can have it all.

If you want to start doing stuff don´t waste your time and money developing uninformed, unactionable ideas; Research, learn, connect, be resourceful…

Here are a few more links to help you out:

If you live in Monterrey, Mx hook yourself up with NEXOBanregio´s Facebook Feed. They have free regular workshops and networking events… No strings attached. If you live anywhere else check back in about a month from today… cool things are cooking up.

If you have a startup that has something to do with Fintech or your project needs to connect to the Mexican banking system send me an email … lets talk.

Do your homework and do some research… everything you want to know is out there, you just have to come up with the right questions…

To be continued… ( probably )

On PYMES in México. Part 2: /Hard data

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